Conettix - 수신기/게이트웨이 액세서리

Conettix D6201 Series IP Security Keys
  • 3200 IP account USB key available for larger capacity installations
  • 500 IP account USB key available for smaller projects and installations
D6641 전화선 카드
P6602 수신기 I/O 케이블
  • Supports use of input and output lines for Conettix receivers
CMS7000 Series Alarm Center Management Software
  • Provides alarm supervisory functions
  • Provides arming/disarming and bypass management functions
  • Provides patrol management functions
  • Provides complete system event process functions
  • All management functions are password secured
D6100RMK D6100용 랙 장착 키트
  • For mounting the D6100i and D6100iPv6 in a 19" rack